Peewee Modifications (Dorchester Baseball)

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Pee Wee House League Rules

All House League Operating Rules previously outlined apply with the following exceptions and additions:

1) Leading Off - Leading off is permitted.

Passed Ball on the 3rd Strike - Batters may advance to first base on a third strike missed by the
catcher. (If first base is occupied and there are less than two out the batter is out, by the official
rules of baseball.)

Balks - Balks will be called, after one warning per team per game. Balks will be called at the
discretion of the umpire.

Curve Balls - No deliberate Curve Balls may be thrown.

Bunting - Bunting is allowed.

Infield Fly Rule - The Infield Fly rule applies.

PITCHING RULES – see Pitching Rules (Sec 25) in House League Operating Rules.

a) Mosquito call-ups must follow the Mosquito Pitching Rules

8) Pitch and CatchPlayers cannot pitch and catch in the same game.
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